Heliopause – Quantum LP

Posted on Mar 27, 2019

Heliopause – Quantum – Robotmachine Records RMR
In physics, quantum theory and quantum mechanics are concerned with the behaviour of atomic particles. In Electro, they are concerned with the science to sort insane frequencies from computers and synthesizers.
Following the highly acclaimed “Destination Planet Earth” debut EP written along with AUX 88 in 2011, Thomas Werner aka Dynamik Bass System returns solo in command of RMR’s seventh outing to deliver six syncopated particles of high caliber in his typical trademark. And this mini album is no exception to the quality of the previous releases from the German imprint.
Suggesting a world constantly in movement, “Quantum” opens with soulful  “Automation”, an energizing song that encapsulates Heliopause DNA: a space electrofunk music fused into much anticipating sororities over unstoppable 808. This insane introduction sets the opus among the greatest ones this year and gives the tone of an LP focused on the dancefloor!
Melodic “Doppelspalt” instantly following combines romantic East influences to the cold machinery universe of Detroit duo Dopplereffekt. With a similar dystopian vision, analog “Dehumanize” signs a robotic slaughter made of clinical layers and noir atmosphere after an evil vocoderized overture. Beats will instantly remind of AUX 88 whereas the arrangements bring the track closer to the song “Subtransmission” on RMR-001. Available in the “Elektro Süd Vol.3” compilation, hypnotic “Systems Control” coming next offers a pounding cut characterized by a groovy bassline, retro synth waves and metallic sororities over a slow rhythm. Mechanic “Runners In The Night” speeds the tempo up to invite you in a circle thanks to cutting-edge modulations and nasty vocals supported by relentless drums.
Last but not the least, vintage “Quantum Mechanics”, my favorite, offers one of the album highlights with a severe tune based upon punishing beats, Middle East melodies, heading lyrics plus a little je-ne-sais-quoi that makes the difference.
With its old schoolish vibes, unique sense of rhythm and sensitivity, much anticipating “Quantum” will guarantee you deep moments and epic battles on the linoleum!
Only one regret, it won’t see the daylight on wax, except if you start a petition for and if demand is here! Anyway rush on it!

Review by Chris Nexus 6 | facebook