Sady K – 1981 (Dynamik Bass System Remixes EP)

Posted on Jul 7, 2014


Sady K – 1981 Remixes EP – Robotmachine Records RMR-011
From a dystopian future to nowadays, Robotmachine Records has sent two of its Cyborg T4 units back into time on a mission to resurrect Freestyle music on Earth.

Considered as the German King of Freestyle, Sady K (DC Records, Rap Haus Records, Game Over) teams up together with Dynamik Bass System (Dominance Electricity, Debonaire Records) to deliver three dancefloor remixed cuts taken from the “1981” LP published a year ago on Diskostar Music.

The digital release kicks off with DBS’s version of “Ich Bin Nicht Wie Du”, revisited into an old-school electrofunk mayhem characterized by punishing 808 drums and vintage melodies. Fusion of synthetic instrumentation, syncopated percussion from the early 80’s and analog keyboards, the track enhances brilliant lyrics performed by Sady K scanding in German “I’m not like you”.

Boomin’ reworked “Player” instantly following serves up an untouchable Freestyle song in the greatest tradition of the musical genre, paying homage to Stevie B, Information Society, or Shannon’s cult works during the Golden Age. It might sound cliché but this emotive instant classic appears as the perfect soundtrack to play while you’re driving alongside mythic sunset boulevard in L.A., on board of a top down corvette! Complicity between the two artists and friends is nearly palpable there: when Sady K sings “Girl, I need you, girl, I want you”, Robotmachine Records mastermind replies “I’m not a player” with a rough vocoder in pure DBS trademark!

Final cut “Ich Will Dich Tanzen Sehen (Dynamik Bass System Remix)” closes out the record on a slow down rhythm to offer a heading West-Coast style tune based upon German vocals chanting “I want to see you dance” over nostalgic melodies, infectious retro flavored synth layers and a funky growling bass line a la Egyptian Lover.
Each remix comes completed with its instrumental version, perfect to drop in a Bass mix.

After massive successes of the “Substanz 001” compilation and Thomas Kress EP “Utilize Me EP”, Robotmachine Records needed a follow-up record that could carry the baton at pace. What you’ll find here is a refine collection of raw and frenzied DJ tools representing the authentic sound of the Eighties. “1981 Remixes EP” is the ultimate bridge between old and new school electro, providing a modern-day touch to Freestyle. The synths, the beats, the vocoders – everything sounds very “original” to please fans of breakdancing!

About Sady K:
Sadettin “Sady K ” Kahriman grew up to Freestyle music when he was a teenager in Berlin. He released his first album in 2003. Active member of “Die Atzen“ from 2008 to 2013, he left the popular dance pop band five years later after two albums to start his solo career and sign “1981”, a vibrating tribute to the Freestyle pioneers.

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1 | Ich bin nicht wie du (Dynamik Bass System Remix)
2 | Player (Dynamik Bass System Remix)
3 | Ich will dich tanzen sehen (Dynamik Bass System Remix)
4 | Ich bin nicht wie du (Dynamik Bass System Instrumental Remix)
5 | Player (Dynamik Bass System Instrumental Remix)
6 | Ich will dich tanzen sehen (Dynamik Bass System Instrumental Remix)

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