Dynamik Bass System – Invasion From Mars

Posted on Jul 5, 2012


“Men of Earth, we of the planet Mars give you this warning!”

Once again, Robotmachine spreads devastating vibes on the Electro system like a trail of shooting star! Following the successful “Robotmachine Remixes” by the end of 2011, the German label returns with its third vinyl and eighth digital installment.

Dynamik Bass System’s E.P. kicks off with the title track, a 7 minuts superproduction taking you millions miles away from Earth. Opening on a cosmic message taken from the 50’s movie “The Angry Red Planet”, the jam tells the story of astronauts on a no return mission to Mars. Pitch lyrics enhanced by Miami artist Junior Rock of Sound Chasers fame (Back II Boom, DadeaBass, Cut It Up Def Records v2.0), nasty vocodered vocals over pulsing 808 bassdrums and sophisticated synth lines encapsulate the dramatic tension of the track to progressively reveal the terrible dangers awaiting anyone venturing into the unhealthy alien ecosystem. Having all the hallmarks of an instant classic, DBS much anticipating hit comes with “Invasion Beats”, an evil yet short edit version where melodies have been completely remodeled.

The flipside sees DBS merging his familiar array of authentic 808 drums to more analog keyboards and retro electro flavors to deliver on “Out Of Control” an untouchable condensed of funk based upon advanced beats, cutting-edge modulations, whispers a la Egyptian Lover and West Coast spaced out strings. The E.P. finishes off with bodyrockin “Control Beats”, a fierce instrumental electro version of “Out Of Control” bringing the set to a magistral conclusion.

Since “Heliopause” (RMR001), Robotmachine love affair with space keeps on increasing release after release. RMR008 is nothing sort of different, serving up an uplifting four tracker that continues his exploration of the sharped line between old-school electro and Sci-Fi genre while focusing the results firmly on the dancefloor. “Invasion From Mars” will definitively keep you into orbit around the electro galaxy!


DYNAMIK BASS SYSTEM – Invasion From Mars | RMR-008
Limited Colored Vinyl and Digital Download available now!

Robotmachine Records | www.robotmachine.com
Dynamik Bass System | www.dynamikbass.com
Cover artwork by Thomas Kress | www.peeklog.com
Thank’s to Chris (Nexus6) for the promo text.