Faster Than Light (Mandroid & Dynamik Bass System) – Controlled Society

Posted on Sep 5, 2011


Ultimate joint venture between MANDROID & DYNAMIK BASS SYSTEM. FASTER THAN LIGHT – another musical project on ROBOTMACHINE RECORDS!

In this massive four track E.P., Controlled Society invites you to an epic voyage through Bass, Space and Time. Bringing you back to the glorious days of old school electro realm, the 12inch seems like a teleport gate to a scary twilight zone where every little piece of machinery is the your thoughts and acts enemy, a kind of totalitarian yet digital Orwell world ruled and controlled by Big Brother …

Crossing the boundaries of electro funk music at hyperspace speed, the four cuts return to the basics to reactivate the true essence of electro through vintage synthesizers, filtered rhythms and sick futuristic melodies. Influences of the forefathers Kraftwerk & Egyptian Lovers are ubiquitous on these devastating jams: Progressive Science, for instance, could have been written in L.A. at the mid of the 80’s. Elsewhere, slow Controlled Society sounds lazier oriented electro that expresses the alienating nature of modern technology depicted in Kraftwerk’s songs whereas both Digital Slaves, the lead onslaught of the EP, and forward thinking Tomorrow People offer incredibly deep pieces of Sci-Fi electronic music in West Coast kicking back style.

With inspired Digital Slaves, rather an electro survival than an electro revival as we seriously doubt you’ll free escape from this lethal release, get a rare insight into the unique steampunk vision of FASTER THAN LIGHT units and their highly nostalgic sound aesthetic resurrected from the past. Retrofuturism is the key word of the release!

Featuring child voices, soulful melodies, Middle east layers, conscious lyrics, spaced-out strings, feverish scratches sequences, twisty oldschoolish flavor melt with the most advanced vocoders ever, warped beats combined to haunting drums, pop atmosphere throughout … Synthesized for you by MANDROID and DYNAMIK BASS SYSTEM in a collaboration, ROBOTMACHINE RECORDS second outing drops a future classic and collector record that freaks will look forward within twenty years time.


FASTER THAN LIGHT – Controlled Society | RMR-005
Limited Colored Vinyl and Digital Download available now!

Robotmachine Records |
Dynamik Bass System |
Cover artwork by Florian Renner |
Thank’s to Chris (Nexus6) for the promo text.

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