Electro Music Review – The Mighty Machine LP

Posted on Sep 29, 2008

Dynamik Bass System – The Mighty Machine L.P. – Dominance Electricity 039

Such a mighty release!!

Following Mandroid’s essential E.P. ‘Futurefunk’ published late in 2006, Germany’s No.1 electro label Dominance Electricity returns to L.P.’s format introducing Dynamik Bass System’s long awaited album ‘The Mighty Machine’. Celebrating more than ten years of audio production, this top notch debut opus from the Munich located electro artists delivers a refine selection of new material as well as a best off of their greatest hits in reworked versions, bearing witness of their unique ability to combine retro and advanced sounds. 

The Mighty Machine (Electro Funk) – Dynamik Bass System

Bringing back to life a musical genre inherited from electro pioneers Jamie Jupitor, Egyptian Lover, Arabian Prince, Unknown Dj, Pretty Tony or World Class Wreckin’ Cru just to name, DBS leader Thomas Werner sublimates the Miami Bass and West Coast Electro Funk sound of the mid 80’s, building his sonic anthems around bewitching melodies enhanced with up to date rhythms for posterity. The whole album is full of DBS trademark dancefloor madness, goldsmith arpeggiations, vintage tones, hard-hitting samples and untouchable 808 programming signature experienced over a decade through renowned live performing worldwide and multiple nasty track appearances on International Deejay Gigolo Records, Lone Records, Monotone U.S.A, Bass Frequency Productions, DadeaBass / Back II Boom or Battle Trax imprints. 

From the Eatern tones of electro classics such like ‘Arabian Dreams (Final Mix)’ or ‘Don’t Stop Compute’ to the futurism of ‘Express To Jupiter (Extended Mix)’ passing through the timelessness of ‘Get With It (Album Mix)’, ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ and ‘The Mighty Machine’ gems, this must have album masterly reviews twelve sophistically designed jams of true nostalgic old schoolish electro fuelled with deep basslines, unavoidable breathings, sexy female vocals, booty reminiscences, funky analogical synth flights, Kraftwerkian pop aesthetics and forward thinking vocoderism. 

Grade A to the out of ordinary ‘Side By Side’, ‘Dance To The Music’ and ‘Rock With DBS’, some of the album uncompromising songs. Taking you on a trip through time and space, propeling you back into the future of syncopated music, the ‘Mighty Machine’ is definitively writing a new chapter in the Electro History and is sure to get the same longevity as Egyptian Lover’s ‘On The Nile L.P.’ or Dynamix II’s ‘The Album’. 

Brilliantly illustrated in evil comic artwork style by Monozelle, this utterly influential output comes in Dominance Electricity’s typical quality. So don’t miss the inevitable!

2×12’’, CD, MP3, Electro

Reviewer: Nexus 6