Electro Music Review – We Are Binary

Posted on Apr 28, 2007

We Are Binary (But We Have Human Needs) – Pure Electro Bass

Two friends, two labels. Discovered last year on Jock-D’s Cut It Up Def V2. second output thanks to the highly acclaimed “Novus Ordo E.P”, Teknik and Juniorrock aka Sound Chasers bring their forces together to celebrate the launch of their split structures, DADEaBass Recordings and Back II Boom. And this forthcoming VIP electro release available by the middle of may gives exactly the tone of what to expect from both artistical lines. Namely quality Electro Bass music with balls, deep influences and lots of surprises.

DadeaBass (Electro Bass)The DADEaBass side introduces “Sonar”, a brilliant new school mental tune with a minimal bass heavy feeling and 8 bit sounds, on the opposite of the Sound Chasers typical register but it works perfectly, melting with genius hypnotic distorsions, Sci Fi elements and bleepy reminiscences. Featuring talented German electro producer Supreme.ja (Cool F/X Records, Exceleration) on the reworked version, the original cut turns into a darker piece, offering discrete melodies over omnipresent infectious bass.

Back 2 Boom (Electro Bass)The Back II Boom is more retro electro style, kicking off with the “Records 2 Wreck” jam. This time, Sound Chasers team up with Dj Dela to deliver another astonishing old school megamix of their trademark, in the vein of their recent Debonaire remix (only available as mp3 on myspace). Slamming Miami Bass rhythm, amazing scratch parts and samples, lots of electro references (too many to name but the purists will probably recognize most of them) dedicated to make you shake on the dancefloor in an irresistible way.

At last, heavyweight Dynamik Bass System joins this exciting inauguration with “We Are Binary (But We Have Human Needs)”. Following a Kraftwerk overture (taken from timeless “Numbers”), the track alternates dancefloor nostalgic beats, nasty 808 tonalities and goldsmith arpeggiations. Then comes a terrific vocoder over a heading synthesized melody a la Egyptian Lover that seems to answer to some sharped female lyrics.

From A to Z, this is pure electro ace 12” (also available in digital format on iTunes) and definitively an instant classic that lets foresee a great future for both labels. Vital!

Reviewer: Nexus 6